Welcome to K-VAC Environmental Services, Inc.

vactorK-VAC Environmental Services, Inc. was established in 1997 to safely and economically transportRCRA/Non-RCRA, Haz/Non-Haz, and Non-Regulated waste in liquid, sludge and solid form. In August of 2001, K-VAC partnered with K-PURE Waterworks, Inc., a Centralized Waste Treatment Facility (CWT) in Rancho Cucamonga, giving us the definitive edge in service and pricing. K-VAC operates a 10 Day CUPA permitted transfer facility (drum dock) running regular trips to disposal facilities throughout the country – thus lowering the price of transportation and disposal for the customer. K-VAC also has on staff degreed chemists who review every pick-up and ER call for accuracy, safety, and compliance.

K-VAC provides Emergency Response Services specializing in Level A Response (complete encapsulation with supplied air and rescue). K-VAC is certified as a carb compliant fleet with the Air Resources Board. We are constantly seeking the most innovative, cutting edge technologies available to remain in strict compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations, protecting one of the earth’s most precious commodities; water.

trucks2Our Mission Statement

What We at K-VAC hold dear to our hearts:

The mission of K-VAC/K-Pure is to make a positive impact on the environment by transporting bulk waste waters and containerized wastes utilizing our Eco-friendly fleet and further by offering economical disposal options to our clients by treating waste water at our own Centralized Waste Treatment Facility.  We are constantly seeking the most innovative, cutting edge technologies currently available to remain in strict compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations, protecting one of the earth’s most precious commodities; water.  This mission is made possible by our employees; individuals who are confident, competent, and caring, displaying leadership in their decisions co-mingled with standards of excellence.”