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John Pinkerton – Nominated for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man of The Year

JohnPinkerton-ManoftheyearJohn Pinkerton, K-VAC Environmental’s self dubbed CMO (Chief Moral Officer), was recently given the honor of a nomination for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Societies Man of the Year. K-VAC will be Sponsoring a Golf Tournament to raise money for LLS. Please see John Pinkerton’s Letter below:








Dear Friend,

I have been given the honor of a lifetime to help others.

Each year The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) launches its Man & Woman of the Year fundraising campaign, and I was honored to join this year’s efforts as the 2015 (Man/Woman) of the year candidate for Team K-VAC Attacks.  I am writing today to ask for your support of LLS’s mission in its efforts to find cures for blood cancers and to assist patients and families as they battle this disease.

From March 1st thru April 30th, our team goal is to raise $50,000 which will go directly to LLS in support of its longstanding mission to find cures and ensure patients access to the treatments they need.  If we raise (dollar goal over $50K) by April 30th, we can link our team name to an LLS-funded research portfolio this year to honor our efforts to help people with blood cancers.

Like many of you, I have witnessed first-hand the debilitating effects that leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma can have on those who suffer from these blood cancers, and on the friends and family who care for and nurture their loved ones.  My mother Sybil Elizabeth Brown was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in her 70’s and I was by her side until the end. I miss her every day.

But there is something we can do, there are many reasons to be proud to support LLS’s efforts. From 2000 to 2013, almost 40 percent (31 of 81) of new anti-cancer drugs were FDA-approved for patients with blood cancers. This is more first-ever approvals than for any other group of cancers. Many of these drugs were advanced with LLS-supported research, and the vast majority of them show promise for treating other cancers and diseases.

Gleevec, used for patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), was recently approved to treat stomach ulcers and is in trials for breast, prostate and ovarian cancer treatments.

Velcade, that targeted drug to treat patients with myeloma or mantle cell lymphoma, is also in trials for people with kidney, lung and thyroid cancers.

Rituxan, the first approved targeted cancer drug that was initially used for non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients, is used in 11 blood cancer and rheumatoid arthritis treatments.

This is an organization that is doing the right things with the dollars it raises, and I’m proud to be associated with LLS.

This is where you come in.

Please use the link in this letter, or the enclosed response form, to make a tax deductible contribution to LLS.  Should you donate online to:, you will receive a confirmation of your donation by email and I will be notified as soon as you make your donation.

Then, I’d ask you to reach out to others you know and ask them to do the same.  I have found that so many of the people I talk to about our team’s efforts have a connection to cancer and want to get involved.

I thank you in advance for supporting this incredible need. I’ll let you know how the campaign goes. For now, I am grateful for your friendship and support.


John Pinkerton




K-Pure Waterworks is Awarded The Golden Gate Partnership Recognition Safety Award

K-Pure Waterworks, Inc. is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the Golden Gate Partnership Recognition Safety Award by Cal/OSHA Consultation Service. This award has been developed by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health to provide motivation and support to high-hazard companies that are working proactively with the Cal/OSHA Consultation Service to uphold high standards of workplace safety.

K-Pure Waterworks, Inc. is the first recipient in the wastewater treatment industry to receive this prestigious recognition. K-Pure Waterworks, Inc. is extremely thankful to Cal/OSHA for acknowledging the efforts made and vows to continue our vigilance in safety excellence.

K-Pure Waterworks, Inc.’s next goal is the Cal/OSHA SHARP Level of safety and health.

For more information please see the link below.
Cal Osha – Golden Gate Award


K-Pure Waterworks Opens Brine Line

K-Pure Waterworks, sister company to K-VAC Environmental Services, Inc., held its ribbon cutting ceremony in celebration of the opening of its NEW state of the art Brine Line treatment system.

With this system, K-Pure will be able to offer more competitive rates and accept a broader range of waters into its plant.

Congratulations K-Pure on the great work!

K-VAC Environmental hires degreed chemist!

K-VAC is proud to announce and welcome the newest member of our admin support team Jeanne Delperdang. Jeanne comes to K-VAC with years in the Waste Industry, having worked as a Health & Safety Manager, General Manager, Chemist, and Emergency Response Coordinator. Jeanne holds degrees as a Ceritified Chemist, Hazardous Waste Management Specialist, Registered Environmental Assesor, and also holds a certification as a Certified Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Trainer with National Environmental Trainers, Inc. Welcome!