K-VAC Environmental prides itself in being a total disposal solution for our customers. If you generate a waste, we will be able to assist you in safely, properly, and efficiently disposing of it while saving you, the generator, both time and money.

In the last ten years K-VAC has expanded and is able to assist you with Emergency Response Services, Drum Remediation and Disposal, Vacuum Tank Services, Geo-Logic Disposal, and many other services. K-VAC has a team of highly skilled Project Managers and Account Managers who are able to assist you in providing the most economical and environmentally friendly options for each specific job request.

Please scroll down below to get a breakdown of the options that K-VAC is able to provide. To find out more information please send an email or give us a call to schedule a job walk with one of our skilled Project Managers / Account Managers

Drum Mangement & Disposal

K-VAC Environmental Services offers safe, reliable and cost-effective Drum Management services for businesses large and small. Experts in special and hazardous waste handling and disposal, K-VAC Environmental Services will collect, transport and arrange for the proper treatment and/or disposal of drums and their contents while maintaining compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. Whether your drummed waste is hazardous or non-hazardous, liquid or solid, debris or soil, K-VAC Environmental Services will process your drums safely, reliably and economically. We also provide product destruction for off-spec, old or expired chemicals, products or consumer goods.

K-VAC operates a 10-day CUPA permitted Drum Dock (Transfer Facility) for all your drum needs. Whether you be shipping drums, totes, super sacks, or cubic yard boxes, K-VAC Environmental is your one stop shop for waste transportation and disposal needs.

Lab Pack, Classifications, and Removal

Hazardous and Non-Hazardous wastes require handling and disposal by proven experts in the field. K-VAC Environmental hazardous waste services lead the industry in safety, reliability and technical sophistication while maintaining full compliance with all local, state and federal environmental regulations. K-VAC Environmental Services excellent track record allows it to offer hazardous waste generator’s the industry’s best indemnification package coupled with the economies of scale that come from working with the one of the best solid waste services companies in California. We have many types of tractors and equipment to suite your specific needs for disposal. Our trained Project Managers are able to come out and recommend a disposal plan that is both timely and cost effective, while maintaining strict compliance in the State of California.

Emergency Response Services

With over a decade of leadership in the industry, K-VAC Environmental Services continues to be the premier emergency spill response service provider throughout the West Coast that businesses have come to trust. From E/R managers to chemists to highly skilled hazardous material specialist and technicians, our team of emergency response specialists is skilled in the planning; design and engineering of spill response systems ranging from highway and railcar spills, type I, II, III response, decontamination and remediation projects. We are prepared to respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice 24 hours a day, every day. We have full Type I, II, III ER capabilities as well as a very large fleet of vacuum trucks.

Hazardous & Non-hazardous Waste Transportation

K-VAC Environmental Services offers environmentally sound and safe transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes with drivers dispatched by a 24-hour-per-day Central Dispatch office. K-VAC Environmental Services fleet includes liquid vacuum tankers and trucks, super-suckers, vactors, jetters, end-dumps, vans, flatbeds, and other vehicle types. Liquid vacuum tankers provide economical transportation of bulk liquids to off-site destinations. Stainless steel tankers are available to handle acids or other corrosives. K-VAC can also transport totes, drums, transformers and other containerized waste. All transportation personnel comply with DOT and EPA regulations and have fulfilled applicable OSHA training standards, assuring proper management and control of loads while in transit. Further, K-VAC carries both contractors’ pollution and transportation liability insurance with an “A” rated carrier.

Technical & Industrial Services

With the combination of expert personnel and professional specialized equipment, K-VAC Environmental Services has maintained a reputation of excellence in the area of industrial services & technical services ranging from tank cleaning and waste minimization to pumping and transfer operations. When it comes to freeing equipment and facilities from regulated materials, you can trust our professional staff to handle your demands ranging from contaminated floor sumps to industrial sized tank cleanings. We also carry a State of California “A” general contractor’s license with the necessary hazardous materials and waste endorsement.