About Us

K-VAC Environmental Services is committed to a safer and greener future.

Our leading waste management and disposal service is based on environmental and professional responsibility.

Comprehensive solutions and compliance are central to our operation, with our qualified team delivering a range of waste management, transportation, and disposal services across California.

Established in 1997, we are dedicated to the safe and economical transport of RCRA, non-RCRA, non-hazardous, and non-regulated waste.

We provide a full-service solution capable of dealing with waste in liquid, sludge, or solid form. After years of happy customers and quality service, we entered into a partnership with K-PURE Waterworks in 2001.

Since this date, we have enjoyed access to our own advanced centralized waste treatment facility (CWT) in Rancho, Cucamonga. Infrastructure is an important aspect of all waste management services, with our robust fleet and advanced CWT facility giving us a definitive edge in terms of service and pricing.

“Our mission is to have a positive impact on the environment and community by transporting bulk wastewater and containerized waste materials safely and effectively. By utilizing an eco-friendly fleet, providing economical disposal options, and treating wastewater at our own facility, we can offer a range of benefits to our clients and the surrounding community.”

Environmental responsibility is a core aspect of our service, with our team going above and beyond to protect precious natural commodities and fulfill federal, state, and local government compliance standards. To improve our operation and offer even better service to our clients, we're constantly seeking the best people, training methods, and technologies available.

Innovative management practices and access to cutting edge technologies help us deliver professional results every single day.

Our mission of environmental and professional responsibility is made possible by our employees - well chosen and highly trained individuals who are confident, competent, and caring. We never rest on our laurels, with our leadership and training programs ensure high-quality service and enduring standards of excellence.

K-VAC Environmental Services is dedicated to a safer and greener future.