Carpet Cleaning Loves Park IL

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If you have already bought a carpet, then you must know that maintaining it will require unique skills and knowledge. At Advantage Kwik-Dry, we know that cleaning and preserving a carpet for years to come is anything but easy. Although it might seem like a straightforward job, you need professionals to help clean and maintain your carpets properly.

For a thorough carpet cleaning in Loves Park IL, our experts will always be at your disposal. We clean, treat and remove all types of stains and dirt, ensuring your carpet will remain in perfect condition for longer. Compared to other types of flooring materials, carpets will provide you with a lot of richness, comfort, and coziness.

The problem is that they also get dirty faster. You need to be very careful how you use and maintain them in the long run. Fortunately, we can help you with that. We have a vast experience in cleaning and managing not only carpet but plenty of other flooring options as well. If you want to keep your precious carpets in peak condition for years to come, our 12-step cleaning process will help you achieve that.

  1. Initial inspection and assessment – Our team will analyze the site, go through all the rooms and inspect the condition of the carpets. This will allow us to identify the troubled areas easier.

  2. Pre-vacuuming – If needed we will vacuum the carpets before engaging in any of the following steps.

  3. Pre-grooming – We will loosen up the dirt even further with the help of a rotary rush.

  4. Carefully move the furniture – Doing this will allow us easier access to the carpet. It’s part of the process, which means it comes with our carpet cleaning in Loves Park IL.

  5. Pre-spraying – We use special agents to pre-treat more difficult areas, where dirt accumulation is worse.

  6. Pre-spotting – Eliminating all spots and stains, no matter their nature or how severe they are.

  7. Hot water rinsing – It’s a method we use to remove soil deposits with the help of pressurized hot water.

  8. Neutralizing – This method relies on balancing the pH of the carpet, ensuring the complete removal of any deposits.

  9. Post-treating spots – In case there will be any remaining residues to take care of, our team will use a particular solution to remove everything entirely.

  10. Post-grooming – We will place your carpets in a position to get them dry faster.

  11. Quick and efficient dry – Our grade-A air movers will ensure fast drying, to have your carpet ready to use as soon as possible.

  12. Post-cleaning inspection – Once everything is complete, we always take you to see the results before we leave. So long as you will be fully satisfied, we will be too.

If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning in Loves Park IL, contact us, and we’ll immediately get to work. At Advantage Kwik-Dry, we treat carpets with all the care and the attention required. If you want a top job, where you can see the best results on the spot, contact us now!

Carpet Cleaning Loves Park IL
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Carpet Cleaning Loves Park IL
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