Critical Environment Cleaning

Critical Environment Cleaning

Data center managers should have annual inspections to check the level of dust on top of all other things they do to reduce contamination. Contaminants come from the outside world and can be anything, including dust, sea salt, clothing, fiber, and hair, among many more. Some of the devices can also be sources, such as small loose particles from the infrastructure, the packing materials, and the floor or ceiling materials.

Common Contaminants In A Data Center

  • Metal pieces from the worn-out areas of devices like printers, tape drives, and other systems in the room
  • Unsealed areas on the concrete dust, such as silica, calcium, and zinc
  • The gaseous elements like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide that run through the cables and cooling systems
  • Salts and chlorides if the data center is located around a beach
  • Electrostatic dust is commonly found on paper, cardboard, clothing, and other seemingly ordinary things
  • Tin whiskers that can cause electrical interferences

Modern IT rooms and equipment must meet the ISO standards to have a long life and optimal performance. Use a cleaning company that specializes in cleaning and has the right tools and methods to remove a majority of the contaminants. One way to achieve this quickly is to have a controlled environment that undergoes regular airflow tests, air pressure tests, particle count tests and uses proper cleaning chemicals for critical environments.

Most Important Things To Know About The Controlled Environment

What Is A Controlled Environment?

It is a room that has unique settings to help keep the security, power, humidity, pressure, and temperature within a controlled range of perimeters. There are a lot of facilities that need a controlled environment, and a data center happens to be the most important one for a lot of modern businesses.

We take steps of critical environment cleaning to ensure the IT systems have uninterrupted functioning because the space is free of contaminants. The effects of airborne contaminants range from simple electrical failure to major shutdowns that could jeopardize several businesses using it for cloud operations.

Cleaning And Decontamination For Critical Environments

Data center cleaning companies are specialized in the field and have a range of tools to control a lot of the different elements in the space. We can test and figure out the exact type of particulates in the air and then figure out how to reduce the spread by sealing the source or installing an air cleaning device.

An example is that the presence of silicon dioxide in the airborne dust means the main ingredient of these airborne contaminants is concrete. We then figure out which concrete is giving out these dust particles and apply adaptions and technical for controlled environment maintenance services.

Can You Use Your Regular Cleaners To Maintain The Data Room’s Cleanliness?

In most cases, the normal janitors can only offer a level of service that is sufficient for small office desks and the available office space. A specialized team cleans the internal and external areas of server cabinets and rooms, and uses a high level of technicality to remove particulates and make sure the designs and processes meet the highest ISO standards.

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