Drug Rehab Phoenix Az

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Drug Rehab Phoenix Az

Our drug rehab facility in Phoenix, AZ, provides excellent addiction treatment and aftercare services. Across the region, we have a network of multi-accredited facilities. Drug detox, residential inpatient care, multi-level rehabilitation programming, and expanded sober living are also available at our various centers.

Our patients always come first in all our treatment centers, which are built on the principles of fairness, respect, honor, and integrity. Among other factors, here's why we're the best at what we do:

Our Services – Overview

We offer comprehensive services including PHP, IOP, residential inpatient, OP, and sober living. This encourages visitors to enjoy quality care from us, resulting in a more streamlined treatment experience. Following surgical detox, residential inpatient treatment is the next phase. Inpatient stays will last anywhere from two to thirty days, depending on the patient. The PHP program, which stands for partial hospitalization, holds in the first four weeks of our intensive outpatient care.

The remaining eight weeks of intensive clinical care, which concludes our twelve-week program, begin to draw on the strengths and personal development that our guests have started to cultivate. Guests will transfer into our sober living accommodation after completing the 12-week program.

All of our services use several interventions, including community and individual counseling, as well as several other options that are customized to the needs of each individual. Our patients will start and continue their healing process with ease, believing they're in good hands.

Our Facilities – Overview

Ours is a lovely facility that accommodates all of our visitors. We have excellent housing, dining options, group therapy spaces, private offices, and open areas for guests. We are a safe and accessible facility with various national accreditations from the leading experts in the area of drug rehab treatment in Phoenix, AZ. In addition, we are fully licensed in the state of Arizona.

Spacious bedrooms with flat-screen TVs and Dish Network are also available in our housing facilities. Large common areas for guests include an Xbox One, movies, and board games. We also offer various outdoor activities twice a week to promote physical fitness.

Our in-house chef serves delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as various snacks and drinks.

Our Therapies – Overview

To properly serve our guests, we employ various types of therapy. We offer group, activity, individual, adventure, and equine therapies at our drug rehab center in Phoenix, AZ.

We assign a primary therapist to our guests when they arrive at our facility. The primary therapist will be available to help with all their needs for as long as they need to stay with us.

The therapists conduct a complete review of each guest with a biopsychosocial/spiritual approach to identify the most appropriate therapeutic options. After that, visitors and their psychiatrists work together to create individual treatment plans. Our holistic approach is based on the premise that emotional, physical, and spiritual healing are all necessary for long-term improvement.

Relapse avoidance, goal-setting, self-discovery, and conflict management are only a few examples. We encourage our guests to be transparent with their colleagues in the group setting because this is critical for long-term healing. Furthermore, learning these skills in a safe environment eases the process following therapy.

We recognize that seeing a loved one in rehab may be a trying experience for the whole family. We assist families before, after, and aftercare. In addition, relatives of visitors who have finished our service get free substance screening cups.

Join our drug rehab center in Phoenix, Az, today whether you or someone you love is dealing with a drug use problem. Contact us using the form on this website, and a compassionate addiction specialist will email you shortly.


Drug Rehab Phoenix Az