Emergency Response Services

K-VAC Environmental Services provides immediate, reliable, and effective emergency response services throughout the state of California.

With years of experience and the best team in the business, we are the trusted premier emergency spill response service provider on the West Coast.

While it's always important to focus on prevention, having access to a professional emergency response team is critical if something does go wrong.

From minor fuel leaks through to major environmental emergencies, our team of emergency response specialists is highly trained and skilled in the planning, design, and engineering of critical spill response systems. From non-hazardous accidents through to hazardous spills, our professional team can manage the entire response process from containment and cleaning through to waste collection, processing, and disposal.

Our service is quick and comprehensive, thanks to our technical specialists, large transportation and vacuum fleet, and centralized waste treatment facility. Trained and experienced staff are an important part of every emergency response effort, from E/R managers through to chemists, skilled hazardous material specialists, and technicians. We're capable of dealing with a wide range of emergencies; including highway and railcar spills; and type I, II, and III response, decontamination, and remediation projects. We respond to emergencies immediately, with our response team dispatched by a 24-hour central dispatch office.

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