Eyeglasses Arvada Co

Eyeglasses Arvada Co

Sunglass lense names have intimidating names that easily scare anyone who does not know the difference between all the terms and descriptions.       One usually needs intense research to learn the difference between different lenses instead of picking a random one on the Internet.

The right frame is usually easy to pick because it mostly depends on your aesthetic preferences and personality. Choosing the lens is an entirely different ball game because you have to match it to the prescription and ensure you have the best quality. Our eye doctor in Arvada has various lenses with various materials and can help you understand the basics of eyeglasses in Arvada, CO. 

A guide on choosing the best eyeglasses


Plastic lenses are the most popular for many different prescriptions. The plastic lenses are, however, heavy and can look quite large in comparison to glass. Most times, plastic lenses suit the following conditions:

  • Small budgets
  • Simple prescriptions
  • As a spare pair for your regular pick

Plastic lenses fit into many different frames and offer sufficient correction for most optical problems. The Sky High vision eye specialist may suggest add-ins like the anti-scratch coating to remove unwanted marks.

Corrective lenses

The single vision lens is the most common type for correcting vision. These lenses treat custom conditions and correct eye problems like hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. The bifocal and progressive lenses correct the vision of people suffering from presbyopia. The computer glasses in our stock protect your eyes against the light from digital screens, so you focus better if you have to switch between multiple screens simultaneously.


Protective lenses typically have coatings to protect the lens underneath. Some lenses are particularly suitable for protection because they shield your eye against environmental interferences. The photochromic lens adapts to various light degrees to filter our UV rays, while anti-glare lenses protect the eyes against bright lights and are excellent for people who drive a lot.

The blue light protection lens works great against harmful light from the sun and digital screens, while specialized UV protection lenses are the best for blocking UV rays.

Enhance your vision

These lenses have protective coatings to give you clear and sharp vision while allowing you to go about your day with comfort. As a general rule, these lenses may combine more than one feature to suit the wearer's unique vision challenges. The following is a list of typical vision enhancers:

  • Anti-scratch – Protects the lens to maintain clear vision.
  • Anti-smudge – Protects the lens against fingerprints and smudges.
  • Water-repellent – Protects the lens against water and dust, so the glasses work fine in the rain or heavy condensation.
  • High-index – The light and thin lenses adapt to the direction of the light and are typical for more complex prescriptions
  • Anti-fog – The lenses switch between a cold and hot environment without developing fog

So, how do you choose the right lens?

Our Arvada optometric center can help you find the best eyeglasses for both functional and fashion reasons by evaluating your eyes and asking a couple of questions during eye care in Arvada. Make sure you schedule a consultation with a doctor for eyes in Arvada via (720) 673-0555, to discuss all the different options for your condition.


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