fire and smoke damage Kamloops

Article provided by: Thompson Valley Restoration DKI
fire and smoke damage Kamloops

The unfortunate bit about accidents is they do not have warning signs. They happen at any moment within the home or office and become one of the most trying times of anyone’s life. Handling fire damage is a complicated process that requires multiple professional inputs.

Fire and smoke damage in Kamloops permeates everything in the room and leaves discoloration and a disturbing odor. Our fire and smoke damage restoration services are available at any moment because we know that time is of the essence to your business or home. We can reverse the damage of smoke or soot to expose the property’s precondition. Ignoring the treatment of surfaces like metal, clothing, and ceilings will eventually require their replacement and removal.

Professional smoke damage and fire restoration for Kamloops have a vast experience in dealing with the damage of all sorts of fires. Thompson Valley Restoration began operating in 1982 and has since acquired insurmountable knowledge to restore any type of property. The management staff recognizes the unique setup of each owner and insurance provider to negotiate a deal that will give maximum flexibility to the task.

Importance of professional restoration contractors

Comprehensive job

It is nearly impossible to begin cleaning and refurbishing a space while processing the emotional turmoil by the fire damage in Kamloops. Our services handle every aspect of the cleaning to the redecoration of the area.


We ensure space restores a healthy atmosphere by dealing with the soot and fumes that leave behind acidic revenue.

What to expect from the Process of fast restoration services


The most crucial procedure after turning out the fire is to inspect every room of the property. We examine the frame of the floors and house for safety to determine how the flames and smoke affected the spaces. The evaluation process determines the plan of action in restoring both the inside and outside of the building.

Professional restoration services may include boarding the doors, roof, and window to protect them against further damage and maintain security. The real work will start with the removal of all soiled properties like burnt appliances.


A home with excess water damage from firetrucks will usually include water removal services before we can start working on the damaged surfaces of walls and floors. A dehumidifier will remove excess moisture to accelerate the process.


Our Kamloops water fire and smoke restoration specialists begin the restoration by cleaning deposits of soot and smoke from the surface with special techniques and tools. The most surprising bit is that cleaning of some simple electronic gadgets could revitalize them back to their working condition. Final steps of repair will include replacing the drywall, installing a carpet, painting, or reconstructing the roof and room to the most stable state.


We have exceedingly complicated tools that dramatically increase the chances of saving your property without making a replacement. More so, our team thrives on putting your property back in order with the utmost care, compassion, and professionalism.

The vast knowledge and experience of both residential and commercial properties add life to your home in the least amount of time possible. Talk to us to learn how the assigned contractor will work the Kamloops smoke damage restoration from the beginning.  



fire and smoke damage Kamloops
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fire and smoke damage Kamloops
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