Moss Killer Roof

Moss Killer Roof

Moss, just like mildew and algae, can invade the exterior of your home and cause considerable damage. These rhizomes deeply root themselves into surfaces and trap dirt, providing even more ideal conditions for moss growth. If you have a moss problem and your moss killer roof hasn’t quite helped, we’re your go-to moss removal pros.

While the moss in your home may look beautiful, it can lead to significant property damage, hence the need to remove it quickly. At Brilliant Brothers Services, we’ll protect your home from moss. Our experts use gentle, tried, and true methods to kill moss and prevent it from growing back.

Damage Caused By Moss

Roof moss starts with a thin layer of green dusting that may only be noticeable from low angles. The green layer slowly expands, becoming thick and wide. Moss grows in cool places. If there's moss on your roof, the roof may be shaded by a structure or trees that encourage moisture, allowing moss to thrive.

Moss is able to retain water whenever it rains, creating a damp environment. The dampness in the moss can cause your shingles to curl, lift, or crack and make your roof more prone to wind and rain damage. With time, moss holds enough water to cause moisture damage and roof leaks. Further, moisture damage can reach the sheathing beneath, leading to decay. A house with wood siding can also be damaged by moss. 

How to Remove Moss From Your Roof

There are various ways to get rid of the moss on your roof based on how severe it is. If you can only spot small patches that haven't worked their way into the roof tiles, these can usually be uprooted with a hosepipe under moderate pressure. Unfortunately, even a tiny root segment can grow into moss again. This makes it vital to remove all the roots when cleaning your roof.

So can you pressure wash outside house? Don’t use a pressure washer, no matter how extensive the problem is. Pressure washing involves using pressurized water to remove moss and dirt. While a pressure washer does the job, it will damage the protective layer on roof shingles that helps reflect UV rays.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals to Remove Moss

Perhaps you’re wondering, “How do you clean the outside of your house and roof?” Or “how do you clean a weatherboard house?” It’s easy to make errors when you don't have the experience and skills to remove moss. What's more, you can slip and fall when climbing or walking on a roof with moist moss. That’s why it’s best to leave the job to professionals. Expert contractors use the best moss killer to remove all the moss and roots. Once your roof is free from moss, professional cleaners won't stop there. They'll protect your roofing system with a moss-resistant product to stop or reduce the moss problem from recurring in the future.

Professional Roof Moss Removal Services

If you’ve used a moss killer roof without getting results, it’s time to call the experts. At Brilliant Brothers Services, we’ll work to ensure the moss growing on your roof is stopped in its prime to prevent damage to your property. Our process is effective and completely safe for your roof. Contact us today to find out how much does it cost to clean a house outside and for exterior house washing: 250-514-5990.