Rehabilitation Center Fresno

Rehabilitation Center Fresno

At Fresno Nursing Center, we offer exceptional post-operative care, wound care, medication management, and a wide array of therapy programs. Our rehabilitation center in Fresno encompasses state of the art infrastructure, modern amenities, and has the best staff team to assist residents in recovery.

What is rehab after surgery?

Rehabilitation is a post-surgical treatment therapy that helps in re-establishing range of motion, mobility, and balance in patients. It helps patients regain joint motion, function, and muscle strength. Rehabilitation is a long term process, which can take several months to a year to achieve treatment goals. Patients that undergo cartilage surgeries need to undergo post-operative rehab for a longer period. Some of the examples include surgery of the knee, ankle, shoulder, etc.

In these rehabilitation programs, your physiotherapist will encourage you to participate in activities progressively, which means that you must increase your workloads and stimuli gradually and safely. Furthermore, rehab programs will train on your performing the right exercises at the right time to aid in the stimulation of limbs and joints after surgery to help the tissue mature. We offer the best post-operative care at our rehab center in Fresno at affordable prices. Our post-op care includes skilled nursing, wound care, physical therapy, medication management, etc.

Recovery from a sports injury

If you are struggling with a sports-related injury, you may experience swelling, bruising, pain, and muscle spasms. It is crucial to allow your leg enough time to heal, or you might end up overstressing the injured limb or joint, leading to bigger complications. Make sure to check with your doctor from time to time on the progress of your healing and make sure to work with a physiotherapist to fasten recovery and to regain full range of motion.

Without physical rehabilitation, you may never be able to enjoy the full range of motion like before, as, without proper stimulation, the tissues and limbs may never work again. Rehabilitation can equip you with muscle strength, durability, and flexibility and prepare you to return to the game. You will go through a variety of different exercises like weight-training, cardio, and mat exercises to strengthen weakened muscles, to improve stamina and balance. It will take a couple of weeks to months before you can fully recover, based on the type of injury.

Importance of wound care in recovery

Proper wound care not only prevents infections but also safeguards you from a variety of complications. It aids in a safe and speedy recovery, minimizes scarring, decreases pain, and eliminates bad odor. With wound care, a physician or medical professional will make essential notes on the progress of your wound, its temperature, smell, appearance, etc., from time to time and prescribe appropriate dressings and medications.

Wound care is particularly important in patients with diabetes, arterial, and venous diseases, and metabolic deficiencies of old age to avoid serious medical complications. Get in touch with Fresno Nursing Center today for help with overcoming your health ailment. At our rehabilitation center in Fresno, we focus on helping our patients, guests, and seniors to lead an independent, productive, and gratifying life.

Rehabilitation Center Fresno
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Rehabilitation Center Fresno
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