Repair vagina Virginia

Repair vagina Virginia

Vagina wall prolapse is the result of the upper part of the vagina losing its usual shape and slid down and either protrude into the vagina or press against the vagina well. This can happen alone or with prolapse of the rectum, urethra, and bladder. The pelvic organs are supported by muscles, ligaments, fascia, and connective tissue that are jointly known as the pelvic floor. Damage of weakening of these support structures allows the pelvic organs to prolapse, slip, or go down. Let’s take a look at how a vaginal wall prolapse occurs and how the Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia can help fix it.

When Does Pelvic Organ Prolapse Occur?

During delivery, the pregnant woman will try to push a baby down out of her vagina. This action is almost the same as when you are having a normal bowel movement or passing gas, but on a bigger scale. During childbirth, you may be pushing for several hours, and each push puts more pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. This prolonged pressure can reduce the elasticity and integrity of the pelvic floor muscle and surrounding structures. Due to this, the pelvic floor muscle and its connective tissue are weak and can’t support the matters of the vaginal rectum and vault, resulting in prolapse after childbirth.

When the intra-abdominal pressure chronically increases, it can lead to vagina floor prolapse. This increased pressure is caused by tissue integrity due to estrogen deficiency. Congenital is caused by Marfan and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which causes collagen defects that reduce the resilience and elasticity of the pelvis’ tissue, making it hard to support the pelvic organs.

When Do You Need Vaginal Prolapse Surgery?

A pelvic test will be performed to see if you have a vaginal prolapse. Your doctor may also perform other tests like your pelvis CT scan and pelvic ultrasound. If you are diagnosed with this condition, you may require repair of vagina wall prolapses. Be sure to talk to an experienced Vaginal surgeon in Richmon VA to know if this procedure is the right option for you. It helps to know about the complication and risks involved with vaginal prolapse surgery. 

Why Choose Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia?

If you require repair vagina Virginia, Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia is the place to go. The entire team specializes in women’s health. So, you will get individual attention and treatment tailored to meet your needs. Surgical treatment will depend on the kind of vaginal vault prolapse you have as well as your activity level, age, and overall health.

In the case multiple vaginal prolapse conditions are occurring at once, our team of specialists will treat all the vaginal prolapse-related issues at one once. Our teams have extensive experience and often use invasive surgery to treat some kinds of vaginal vault prolapse. In addition, we are enthusiastically researching the safest and most effective ways to improve the treatment of pelvic prolapse. For more information about repair vagina Virginia, contact Intimate Wellness Institute of Virginia.

Repair vagina Virginia