Residential Inpatient Drug Treatment

Residential Inpatient Drug Treatment

Residential drug rehab and alcohol treatment is recommended during the first stages of recovery. Most people are medically, physically, and emotionally unstable when they first seek addiction treatment. This necessitates round-the-clock care at an inpatient rehab facility. An inpatient program provides a supportive environment where one is separated from triggers that fuel their substance use. If you are in an environment where various stressors undermine your recovery, a residential rehab center is ideal for you.

At Enlight Treatment Center, we offer the finest residential inpatient drug treatment in California. We have state-of-the-art facilities, leading addiction treatment specialists, and evidence-based treatment protocols that support lasting recovery.

Why Our Rehab is Among the Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Offering Comprehensive Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

At Enlight Treatment Center, we provide the range of substance use services you can expect to get at a top of the line residential rehab. Our inpatient programs include detoxification, rehabilitation, and aftercare. This sets us apart from facilities that provide either detox or rehab facilities, leaving you to seek help elsewhere for different services.

In addition, our range of services allows our specialists to gain a deep personal understanding of our clients’ needs, thereby delivering the necessary care and support since they attend to them at every step of their recovery journey.

Unexcelled Services

During detox, we offer withdrawal management services to ease symptoms of withdrawal and prevent relapse. Throughout our substance abuse detox and treatment in Ventura County, we provide incidental medical services (IMS) to qualifying individuals.

IMS care is crucial in cases where medical conditions exist and need management during addiction treatment. Our IMS team also gives support for medical complications that arise in the course of addiction treatment.

Not all inpatient rehabs are certified to provide incidental medical services, making us the perfect facility for comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Ventura, CA.

In addition, we offer therapies and counseling services to treat substance use and mental health disorders at the same time. Residential facilities that lack mental health services are unsuitable for patients dealing with co-occurring disorders. That is because treating both disorders simultaneously is vital for a successful recovery.

Our Staff

Our staff to patient ratio stands at 3:1 to ensure we provide superior quality care crucial for treating mental and drug use disorders. All of our clients receive personalized attention throughout their stay with us and benefit optimally from group, individual, and alternative therapies.

Our providers stay up to date with the latest developments in addiction treatment to offer our clients the best possible care. Additionally, this enables us to create the most comprehensive, evidence-based treatment plans suited to each individual's specific recovery needs. Above all, we make sure our clients participate in programs they’re completely comfortable with.

Top-Rated Addiction Treatment Specialists

Finding the right residential inpatient drug treatment center is a crucial part of achieving your recovery goals. By opting for a premier facility like ours, you get access to top addiction treatment specialists providing world-class rehabilitation services. If you are ready for addiction to be a thing of the past, get the help you need today. Contact Enlight Treatment Center for affordable luxury drug and alcohol rehab in Ventura County, CA: 1-866-604-0727.

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Residential Inpatient Drug Treatment
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