K-VAC is your source for the safe and effective removal of liquid waste from your site. We have the equipment and expertise to pump out a variety of liquid and semi-liquid materials, including sewage, oil mixtures, and water. In addition, we will haul, treat, and dispose of the waste in accordance with all relevant regulations. Let us handle the mess quick and easy!

Why Trust Experts for Vacuum Pumping

It may be tempting to try to remove liquid waste yourself. However, without the proper training and experience, it is possible to make the situation worse due to spills or unnecessary messes. Certain materials can also pose environmental or health risks if they are not properly handled. Trusting K-VAC means a complete removal process that can solve your liquid mess.

Examples of Vacuum Truck Jobs

  • Spill removal
  • Flooding, overflowing drains
  • Nonhazardous industrial sludge and liquids
  • Oil/water mixture removal and separation
  • Pumping underground or holding tanks

Vacuum Truck Complete Services

K-VAC does more than just haul and vacuum liquids, we also offer a full assortment of services designed to solve your problems.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

In addition to pumping liquids we also offer a variety of other services to get you back to readiness. Sump pump machines will be properly cleaned and sanitized after the removal of any remaining waste. Water tanks will be completely drained and power washed, before being refilled with clean water. Any trenches or tunnels leading to sumps, pits, or trenches will also be thoroughly washed.

Treatment And Disposal

K-VAC vacuum pumping process includes any compliance steps regarding treatment or disposal. No matter the material, our professionals are trained in the proper disposal of all kinds of liquid waste. That includes any necessary remedies to assure environmentally safe long-term storage. We can also keep a sample on hand to answer any future questions about proper disposal techniques.

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