Waste Management Service Miami

Waste Management Service Miami

The average American produces about 6 pounds of trash per day. That’s a hefty number and has led to much damage in the form of environmental damage, global warming, and sea and air pollution.

As a responsible, environmentally conscious citizen, you probably wish to take action and ensure your waste is adequately managed.

We can help.

At Recycle Capital, we provide the best waste management service in Miami. We can help you recycle all kinds of waste, from residential, commercial, glass, and fiber, by providing specialized containers and hauling services for your Miami business or job site.

Our waste management system is all-encompassing and features the following services:

  • Commercial Parts Recycling

We provide top of the line commercial waste dumpsters to construction businesses and general and shell contractors in Miami.

Our range of dumpsters includes a 10CY concrete washout can used by construction sites pouring wet concrete, the all-purpose 20 CY and 30CY cans, the 40CY can ideal for heavy loads, and the 33CY hardened for glass or fill load.

We also operate a construction and demolition waste receiving facility in addition to providing the ultimate dumpster rental service in Miami. We use high-grade trucks and specialized software to deliver your commercial waste to our facility, where it is efficiently recycled.  

  • Glass Commercial Recycling

Our reinforced steel cans are made to handle incredibly heavy glass waste. Whether you need to recycle clear, mixed, tempered, or laminated glass, we can get it shipped to our waste receiving facility, where it will be adequately treated for environmental preservation.

  • Hazardous Waste Removal

At Recycle Capital, we offer the ultimate hazardous waste removal in Miami. We ensure we properly handle and dispose of any toxic, corrosive, or reactive waste that could be harmful to human health or the environment.

  • Cardboard and Plastic Recycling

Our downstroke balers are ideal for recycling cardboard and plastic waste produced by warehouse and distribution businesses.

We sell, rent, and install new and reconditioned machines that can help your business generate recycling revenue, reduce its waste profile, and enhance its image as a sustainable and environmentally friendly organization. This system also saves up on floor space, enabling you to utilize your area more productively and generate cash.

  • Fiber Recycling

We recycle your fiber waste into pre and post-consumer high-grade pulp substitute papers and ship it to paper mills worldwide.

Our range of recycled paper products includes Sorted Office Paper (SOP), Coated Book Stock (CBS), and zero contamination Hard White (HW) stock. These are shipped all over the world to tissue, towering mills, and other clients.

At Recycle Capital, we offer all-around recycling for Miami businesses, no matter their industry.

We believe in providing our clients with the best experience possible and encourage them to recycle more.

That’s why our advanced Scrapright software integrates point of sale technology, and our trucks feature image and load weight capture. This ensures you are dealt with honestly and receive your recycling services at the most reasonable prices.

Contact Recycle Capital Waste and Recycling to request a quote: 305-418-0147


Waste Management Service Miami
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Waste Management Service Miami
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