Where To Recycle Computers

Knowing Where To Recycle Computers Can Be Very Helpful

If you probably upgrade your electronics fairly often, you’d be buying new computers quite often too. For most people, it is all about getting the “latest and greatest” technology. But what really happens to your old stuff as your quest for electronics and technology increases?

Electronic waste from electronic equipment such as old computer drives can include dangerous chemicals like brominated flame retardants, mercury, beryllium, cadmium, and lead. These are materials that can be hazardous to human health and even the environment particularly when the devices and gadgets in which they are contained are disposed of improperly. They have a high risk of leaching into water sources, contaminating soil and even polluting the air.

But it’s good to know that there are several ways by which used electronics can be properly recycled or donated. Knowing where to recycle computers can be quite helpful in saving the environment. It’s all about ensuring that your e-waste is properly recycled, as there is a high probability that it could damage the environment when disposed of improperly.

In order to ensure that these hazardous materials are properly being disposed of, it is important you know where to recycle computers. Here are some helpful tips to guide you in your search.

Explore retail options

It may interest you to know that there are certain organizations that offer an effective recycling program in their stores. While some are certified through BAN’s e-Steward program, others are not. Ensure to use an organization that employs recyclers who adhere strictly to the highest standards of computer waste processing. As a matter of fact, your e-waste will not be sent to a foreign country or end up in a landfill when you explore these retail options.

Some reputable recycling companies partner directly with these organizations to collect these products for recycling while adhering to the highest standards and guidelines. For responsible practices, these recycling companies may also adhere to other additional third-party standards such as e-Stewards and EPA R2. Apart from your desktops, you can drop off any kind of e-waste for recycling at these recycling companies’ stores such as laptops, netbooks, smartphones, memory cards etc.

Visit civic institutions

Due to the increasing challenges of e-waste, several schools and government offices are establishing days when citizens can freely offer their unwanted computers to a designated drop-off point for recycling. If you are looking to know where to recycle computers, you can visit any civic institution near you such as universities, schools, and your local government for additional responsible recycling options.

So ensure to check with your local government or visit their website to know where and when computer recycling programs are offered. As a matter of fact, you can even choose to do this on your own by spreading the word about educated computer disposal. Encourage your neighbors to join you on the project. You can make the occasion a community event or a day trip when you recycle your computers locally.

Find a certified e-waste recycler

You can find recyclers who are committed to recycling computers safely and responsibly. However, you must ensure that they are certified so as to ensure proper recycling.


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