Wisconsin Drug Addiction Program

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Wisconsin Drug Addiction Program

Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease to which working professionals are not immune. Condor Life Services Recovery specializes in helping working professionals address their substance use problems, which helps them return to work in their career. Besides, the drug rehab facility in Wisconsin is dedicated to helping employers treat their employees so that they can recover from their drug or alcohol addiction and go back into the responsible employees they used to be. Here is what you need to know about the Wisconsin drug addiction program for working professionals in WI. 

Understanding Your Situation 

At Condor Life Services Recovery, most of our clients are employed, and they continue to work while receiving their treatment. Not only is our intensive outpatient treatment in Wisconsin accommodating, but also working professionals are more willing to partake in the treatment program when they know they will be with people of a similar profession. 

Condor Life Services Recovery is happy to provide companies affordable drug and alcohol treatment plans to help their employees recover. You can refer your employees to our services or add them to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). According to the stats from Narcotic Anonymous, 77 percent of about 20 million substance abusers maintain some kind of employment and are active in the workforce.

As effect of substance abuse is known to impair judgment and coordination, employee productivity is significantly affected by drug and alcohol abuse behaviors. If you find it difficult to concentrate at work, it may be time to consider Condor Life Services Recovery before a bad situation becomes worse.

Treatment for Working Professionals

At Condor Life Services Recovery, a multidisciplinary drug and alcohol recovery team will work with you to fully understand your situation as a professional and create an individualized treatment plan. Our assessments will determine if you require treatment for your addiction and the level of services that will best fit your distinct needs. Addiction treatment at Condor Life Services Recovery is individualized and holistic, using evidence-based practices and a 12-step approach. Core drug and alcohol treatment services include: 

  • Initial and ongoing treatment planning
  • Individual therapy
  • Gender-specific programming
  • Wellness care
  • Educational sessions
  • 12-step meetings specific to your need
  • Inclusion of family members throughout treatment
  • Continuing care planning

Workplace Addiction Help

Any employer who has dealt directly with an employee suffering from drug and alcohol abuse knows what is at stake. Before your employees hurt someone, themselves or tarnish the reputation of your company, it is vital to address substance abuse issues in the workplace.

At Condor Life Services Recovery, we can structure a treatment Wisconsin drug addiction program to fit your employee and business battling drug and alcohol addiction while minimizing distractions to everyday operations. Furthermore, we are one of the few top rehab centers in Wisconsin that work closely with HR departments to provide quality substance abuse treatment for workers struggling with addiction.

Explore Treatment Options Now

Contact Condor Life Services and discover your true path in life with our one-of-a-kind online substance disorder counseling: 833-955-5888.


Wisconsin Drug Addiction Program
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Wisconsin Drug Addiction Program
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